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SYNERGY Development and Training

A global strategic partnership firm that supports private, public and nonprofit organizations in finding and developing sustainable growth opportunities.



About the Principal Partner

Sharon Campbell is the founder and president of SYNERGY Development and Training Group, a North Carolina-based strategic development company that bridges the gap between large and small community programs with public, private, government, for-profit and non-profit organizations, associations and corporations.

A highly experienced strategist, Sharon manages programs that utilize diverse planning, proposal development, grant research and tasking in areas of community economic development, professional training, team building and coordination, and market research and evaluation. Her ability to successfully access resources, programs and personnel in both the public and private sectors (including federal, state and local agencies) is widely recognized.

Sharon is a skilled facilitator leading a series of workshops that tackle important issues, such as community engagement, community planning, business development, housing education, flood zone education, leadership development, strategic planning, project management, and others. She can help your organization discover its strategic value and uncover its niche to ensure a competitive advantage.

As a speaker and presenter at conferences, seminars, or other collaborative events, participants praise her presentations for combining positive, interactive processes with powerful insights and inspiration.  Participants are able to develop practical skills that can be implemented quickly and easily.


Sharon is a certified trainer for “The Climate Project” - an initiative created by former Vice President Al Gore to educate the public about the harmful effects of climate change on the environment and to work toward sustainable solutions.


Sharon has developed, managed and negotiated grants totaling more than $3 million for community need-based economic projects with municipalities and public agencies to create jobs, support health-related programs, as well as conduct transportation assessments, entrepreneurial workshops and training seminars.


Campbell holds an associate degree from Durham Technical Community College, a B.S. in Public Administration from Shaw University, and an M.B.A. from Walden University. She also holds several prestigious certifications.

  • UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government-Schools For new Mayors & Council Members (2002)
  • Duke University - Nonprofit Management Program (2003)
  • USA Freedom Corps: Community Emergency Response Team (2003)
  • The North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center - Rural Economic Development Institute (2003)
  • UNC-Chapel Hill School of Government - Community Development Academy (2004)
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC - Healthy Community Institute (2004)
  • TGCI The Grantsmanship Center - Grant Writing Training (2004)
  • The Grant Institute: Institute for Communication Improvement- Grant Writing (2005)
  • The North Carolina Rural Economic Development Center - Energizing Entrepreneurship in Rural North Carolina (2005)
  • North Carolina Institute of Minority Economic Development - Non Profit Executive Program (2010)
  • Duke University: Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Duke MEEI Entrepreneurial Challenges Program (2010)
  • North Carolina Institute of Minority Economic Development - Women's Executive Education Leadership (2012-2013)
Published Work

Women In A.A.C.P. (W.I.N.) - Disaster Relief Team (2000)
Black Professional Women of North Carolina (2012)


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